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The Blue Chip Sports Management team brings more than 50 years of combined health facility operational expertise to our work with clients like you.

In addition to their deep expertise in facilities management, Blue Chip’s key leaders have also been active and competitive in the world of sports and fitness for most of their lives, as amateur athletes and as coaches to the next generation of rising stars.

Data Driven Approaches

Since its inception, Blue Chip has overseen the optimization and/or management of 30 facilities in the United States. Our work has produced more than $5 million in additional revenue for our clients in the past three years. Our rigorous data-driven approach can push any facility beyond its prior revenue baselines.

What we do


Operational Efficiency

Transform your facility into a well-oiled machine

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Program Development

Transform your facility into a well-oiled machine

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Data Analytics

Transform your facility into a well-oiled machine

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Facility Management

Transform your facility into a well-oiled machine

Why Blue Chip?

The Blue Chip solution combines the science of smart business management with a lifelong passion for health, fitness, and competitive sports.


We work with driven health facility owners, fitness entrepreneurs, and industry leaders to optimize every critical business element required for a successful and profitable health facility.


With our help, you can...

  • Diversify Revenue
  • Increase Profitability
  • Reduce Volatility
  • Streamline day-to-day Management

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Tim Bainton, CEO
Tim Bainton, CEO
Jason Wnuk, COO
Jason Wnuk, COO


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