Mission Statement:
A full-service sports management and consulting firm that adheres to the highest ethical, professional and performance standards and is driven by growing community and striving for excellence through a commitment to clients and partners.

To grow domestically and internationally through strategic partnerships. Expand clients’ financial performance through operational expertise, knowledge, innovation and customer relationships. We are only as strong as our team and we will continue to grow through hard work, a thirst for learning and humility. Our own growth as a company has shown our commitment to the client, customer, staff, partners and most importantly community.

The Blue Chip Sports Management (BCSM) team brings more than 100 years of combined sports management, marketing and operational expertise to our work with clients like you.

Founded in 2009, BCSM has evolved into a global force. Headquartered in Washington D.C., we pride ourselves on our innovative problem solving, operational ingenuity and our global professional network to deliver unparalleled results.

BCSM has generated over $100 million in customer revenue and served over 90 sports, recreation, and entertainment facilities in North America. BCSM is proud to be an employee owned company. We are a company that is as diverse as our expertise. BCSM’s core values are ineradicable in trust, community and integrity.

Beyond our core areas of expertise, BCSM is also at the forefront of talent curation, brand building, revenue generation and technology development and implementation.

BCSM is committed to continuing to evolve as the leading full service sport's company in the Mid-Atlantic, North America and one day the world. By having an unlimited vision for our clients, we in turn have unlimited potential as well. Let’s get to work together now, so the results last a lifetime!


BCSM is committed to continuing to be the leading full service sport's company in North America. We have unlimited vision for our clients. We look forward to working with you on creating results that impact this generation and the next!

  • Ensure that we provide the necessary tools and resources to support the functionality, safety, and sustainability of the facilities
  • Optimizing facility organization to create a welcoming environment for employees to boost productivity and boost customer satisfaction
  • Effectively up keep assets to reduce breakdowns thus extending the life cycle and reducing additional costs
  • Unlock major growth opportunities through proven marketing strategies across multi-channel social media
  • Dynamic marketing strategies that allow us to change the approach based on customer responses
  • Implement creative marketing strategies based on current market trends
  • Evaluate the consulting activities to add value and improve facility operations
  • Inspect the facility's compliance with laws and regulations
  • Maintain accurate records of reporting finances and data collection
  • The training process is designed to provide new employees with the needed knowledge and skills to facilitate their job performance
  • Engaging training program customized to reflect the organization's values and culture
  • Seek solutions that expand on financing in a way that's suitable for the organization’s growth, goals, and challenges
  • Negotiate the best terms for your company
  • Our extensive network helps to recruit high-level professional coaches to come in and aid the program development to establish customer expectation
  • Our team's efforts help collaborate with sponsors to find the latest technology to help transform innovation to another magnitude
  • Enforces the establishment of strong connections to deliver seamless experiences that drive our short-term and long-term growth
  • We help you operate a complex process by bringing our team’s Project Management leadership, experience, and collaboration to your design and construction project to meet the owner's expectations
  • We possess the experience and knowledge required to effectively develop a project during every stage of the building process
  • Manage the operations of a project by conducting research and creating plans
  • Ensure that facilities owner's best interests are represented in each stage of the project development process
  • We track issues, facilitate solutions, and effectively communicate information throughout the cycle of projects
  • Negotiate contracts to secure benefits for future projects
  • Our process of recruitment and developing talent helps to stay competitive and retain talent long-term
  • Find sales lead opportunities by pitching the facilities good and services
  • Expand the organization by developing and implementing growth strategies
  • Increase the growth of brand awareness and finances
  • We help you monitor and sustain projects to satisfy owner's expectations
  • Effectively shape facilities to reach their vision and purpose that align with their core values
  • Track project expenses and make budget reports
  • We ensure that operations are met at a high level while maintaining adequate spending to formulate the result you are looking for both short-term and long term
  • Grasp the dynamic needs of customers while optimizing efficiency
  • Implementing service industry best practices to drive outcomes

Executive Team

Tim Bainton
President & Chief Executive Officer
Jason Wnuk
Chief Operating Officer & Treasurer

Leadership Team

Evan Katz
Vice President
Daniel Myers
Vice President
Patrick Escalambre
Senior Director

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No. #220643
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